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We are fierce advocates for advancing the educational rights of students with disabilities throughout California.

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  • valerie

    Valerie Vanaman

    For four decades, Valerie Vanaman has represented people who need help obtaining services from private and governmental agencies, providing knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation to families with special situations. Since entering private practice in 1980, Valerie has become an acknowledged leader in providing representation for individuals challenged with disabilities and for their families, securing for… Continue reading Valerie Vanaman

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  • david

    David German

    Over the past decade David German has established himself as one of the most effective, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorneys working for students with disabilities and their families.  He has successfully represented hundreds of families throughout California in special education due process cases.  David also works with families on cases where a student has been injured or abused,… Continue reading David German

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We offer a full range of special education representation.

Vanaman German LLP has a successful history of providing assistance to children with disabilities and families with members who are disabled.

Valerie Vanaman founded the first law firm in Southern California providing representation for children with disabilities in their struggle to receive appropriate educational programs and other benefits to which they were entitled.

Our attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are actively involved in a variety of forums as they seek to improve the services children and adults with disabilities receive.

Our Legal Team

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Vanaman German specializes in defending and advocating for the educational rights of students with disabilities. Read Full Article >

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Vanaman German attorneys say it’s an honor to represent kids in special education cases. Read full article >

  • Special Education

    We offer the full range of special education representation, from IEP advocacy to federal court litigation. Our experience in the field means that we not only know the law, but can understand diagnoses and psychological assessments to ensure that each student is provided with an education truly tailored to meet their individual needs.

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  • Regional Center

    The appeal of a Regional Center’s decision is called a “fair hearing,” and we aim to make sure that’s exactly what you get. Whether you’re contesting an eligibility determination, advocating for an increase in respite care, or fighting for the vendor that best suits your loved one, let Vanaman German LLP stand for your rights.

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  • Injury and Abuse at School

    When our children are at school, the adults who are there to teach and care for them assume a duty to keep them safe.  If a child is injured due to the negligence or neglect of school personnel, or when an adult abuses a child, the physical and emotional harm to the entire family can be catastrophic. We have attorneys with extensive experience holding school districts and individuals accountable for causing injuries to children.

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Client Testimonials

We are so grateful to David German for helping us navigate a very stressful and difficult time dealing with the school district's failure to provide legally-required services for our son during COVID-19. He was able to ensure we would get reimbursed for our son's 1:1 aide which we had to hire privately in our home since the district refused to accommodate his needs during "distance learning." Without David's help, 2020 would have been a complete loss of education for our son who is unable to attend to virtual classes without support - however, because of David's diligence we were able to get the support our needed to turn things around and salvage the school year. We went from being ready to pull our son out of school and just have him repeat 1st grade, to seeing him thrive, progress and meet grade-level standards because he David helped us secure the proper resources. His familiarity with the inner workings of the school district and even key individuals in the mediation process was a huge reassurance as well. Thank you, David! The impact you've made on our family is immeasurable!


Special Education kids deserve the respect and services they need but unfortunately public schools, especially so-called "cash-strapped" LAUSD, will not do anything worthwhile for your child until you fight them with legal action. After getting referred to NAV Law to help guide us through the IEP process, there is no other person I would want on my side than David German. His knowledge and experience is matched only by his caring and thoughtful nature to help quell the nerves of very anxious parents. He's represented our family over the past 2 years and was successful in achieving what we wanted going up against the behemoth LAUSD. I can't imagine going through this process without having David on our side. ?


David German has been more than a blessing to our family, and more specifically, to our daughter Gabriela. Gabriela was diagnosed with auditory processing, speech/language and other learning disabilities which resulted in a significant speech, language and reading delays. Working for the district my daughter attends school at made it extremely difficult to fight for her rights. It wasn't until we found David German that changed everything. He fought for her and for what she deserved in order to be a successful student. He changed my daughter's life by fighting for her as if she was his own child. David is compassionate, empathetic and took the time to learn who my daughter is and who we are as a family. Always available. Always answers our questions clearly. Always on our side. Never disappoints. David is the shining light at the end of a dark tunnel. David German will always be known to our family as the person who gave my daughter the greatest blessing....a chance to succeed. For this, we will eternally be grateful to him.


This is the best firm without a doubt if you have a child who has an IEP and is having problems. We worked with both Eric and Valerie (for an opinion). We had a long fight, we hung in there and finally settled about 1-2 days before court...we had a stubborned attorney representing LAUSD and she wouldn't budge until the last minute. Eric Menyuk was a great negotiator ! We were very satisfied with the results.


This law office knows what it's doing when it comes to your child's education. She got my Son into a non-public school.. From start to finish with her, it was done in 1 1/2 years. The school district doesn't just hand out this sort of thing. It takes an expert, and that is what she is, an expert in the best interest of your child. I do not recommend ANY parent attend an IEP without an Advocate , and if you go to mediation you WANT this law office on your side!!


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