Steps to Request an IEP


STEP # 1

If your child is attending a public school or a non-public school paid for by the district, an annual IEP meeting should be scheduled in a regular manner.  If the district does not do so, you should always ensure an annual IEP meeting is held.  If, however, your child is not attending a public school or a non-public school paid for by the district, the district will NOT hold an annual IEP meeting for your child unless you make a written request that it do so.

Step # 2

Requesting the meeting should always be in writing and in letter format.  To do so, prepare your family Letterhead:

First Name Last Name
Cell phone

This is a useful template to have when communicating with the district and you may want to keep it for this purpose.

Step # 3

Prepare the letter with the content suggested in the sample letter included with this information.  When submitting the written request for an IEP, make sure it is delivered in a manner that will permit you to prove it was provided to your local school.  Make sure you have signed and dated the written request and make sure you keep a copy of the written request.

Step # 4

Hopefully you will have a response from the district within 15 calendar days of the date it received your letter.  If you do not receive a response, we suggest you follow up by either a further letter or email to the appropriate school personnel asking about the status of your request and when an IEP meeting will be held.  In that second communication, make sure you include the date of your first request and the name and birthdate of your child.

Step # 5

When the IEP meeting is scheduled, you must attend and be prepared to discuss your child and your child’s unique and individual needs.  If you are concerned that the district may not be offering you an appropriate placement for your child, you must carefully consider the program and services offered and, if at all possible, visit the offered program before making a decision as to whether or not to accept what has been offered.

Step # 6

If you disagree that the placement and services offered can meet your child’s needs, then the IEP must be signed indicating that disagreement and you MUST give written notice to the district that you will provide a program and services and seek reimbursement from the district for the costs of the program and services you provide.

This is a sample template for a letter requesting an IEP for a child who is attending a school not paid for by the district.

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