LA County Adoption Assistance Program Ordered to Pay for Out of State Placement

Los Angeles County Adoption Assistance Program Is Ordered To Pay More Than $10,000 Per Month For Child’s Placement In An Out Of State Residential Treatment Center

Client adopted child from Los Angeles County and as such she is been entitled to Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) support for her child until the child turns 18.  In this matter, the AAP program was paying for child’s placement in a residential treatment center (RTC) due to struggles with social/emotional functioning after having four separate psychiatric hospitalizations.  The RTC that the child attended was not appropriate to meet her educational needs so Client requested AAP to fund a different RTC.  The one chosen was not on the approved list from the AAP and therefore the request was denied.  We filed an appeal which was also denied.  We then determined that the requested RTC, although not on the approved list, did meet the legal requirements to be an approved RTC.  We then requested a rehearing based upon newly discovered information.  The Judge determined that the RTC did meet the eligibility criteria and in its decision ordered the County to pay for the appropriate RTC.

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